A friend

A friend is someone for boogie check
She knows the code to scratch her neck,
She sees when you’re happy and when you’re upset
And engages you in a tickle set

A friend is someone that laughs at you
When you accidentally let out a toot
But cares enough to cover up
By starting a rhythm on her cup

A friend is someone who’s always there
She holds your hand and braids your hair
She squeezes tight and never lets go
She knows the feelings you’re afraid to show

A friend is someone you turn to when
Your life’s upside down, about to give in
When mean grade nine boys bring tears to your face
She keeps you from flinging your soul into space

A friend is someone I will always love
As vicious as a viper, as soft as a dove
As sad as a puppy when I go away
Deep in my heart, you will forever stay